Kadi Kullerkann, a professional volleyball player and an artist, lounging on a chair


My name is Kadi Kullerkann and I am, what I like to call, a professional Artlete.


equal parts artist and equal parts athlete
soul made of stardust, my limbs - more like concrete

hand me a pen, or a dumbbell instead
watch me go off and work till i'm fed

fine at sports and creating with a zest
yet in poetry, i'm clearly not the best


I created kllerknn to combine my passion for sports and arts. Being a professional volleyball player myself, I've experienced first-hand the benefits and the shortcomings of being a female athlete. Unfortunately, for me, the struggles have often overruled the joys.

This is how my first art project "She's Got Balls" was born - letting out all of the pain and pride that I had collected over the years and expressing it through millions of tiny dots on paper. 

For me, art is not only about making pretty things. It's about taking my experiences, sharing them with others in my most authentic way and advocating for a cause. I don't create art just for art's sake, I create it to inspire social change and leave a mark... and also, because I simply can't be without it!

Kadi Kullerkann, a professional volleyball player and an artist sitting on a chair with half of her face showing.


  • I come from a small town in Estonia called Keila

  • I'm 195 cm tall (6'5'') - no shoes, no high ponytail

  • I've lived in 8 countries 

  • I absolutely love sunshine, creative people and being active

  • I have a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Marketing

  • One day, I hope to get a Dalmatian and a Dobermann

My Values

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There's nothing I believe in more than the value of LIGHT. I mean, I even got the word tattooed on my wrist, so that's saying something. For me, it translates into three core values: 

  • Be The Light – accepting my truest self and sharing my light with others 

  • See The Light – seeing the glimmer of hope and positivity in difficult times

  • Feel The Light – take in the sunshine, do things with joy and move through life light-hearted


My Mission

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...is to advocate for female athletes by highlighting their power and beauty through art.

My Motivation

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Global kindness, compassion and fair treatment of all people (aka. humanity) is what motivates me to create. No one should feel like they don't belong.  

A cose up of a black and white, pen and ink stippling artwork of mannequin hips. Original work by Kadi Kullerkann