Capturing the beauty and power of athletic movement to make a change.

"If you're going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can't be erased.”
- Maya Angelou

The Inspiration

Female athletes continue to be underrepresented across all media platforms as well as art. And when they do get represented, we can start to look at how they're portrayed. 
Open the website or Instagram account of any big sports media company and you'll see what I mean. The same goes for art. When I think of athletes depicted in art, predominantly images of the same few male athletes come to mind.

This misrepresentation and lack of coverage affects the audience's perception about the value of women in sports.

The Legacy Series aims to change that. 

PS! This series is available as direct commissions OR as collaboration opportunity with charities and athletes. 

The Mission

Making a mark
Art itself is legacy. Through representation, art has the power to transform the world, and within that, it has the power to change how we see and value women in sports. Including female athletes in art implies that they, too, are relevant and worthy of being captured for eternity. 

Giving back 
In case of charity auctions, up to 50% from original art sales in this series goes to support a selected cause. The funds are used to provide support and opportunities to women and underprivileged youth in sports. This is done through donations to applicable organisations and foundations or by providing direct aid to selected individuals and groups.

In addition, 30% from each limited edition print sale in this series goes to a charity. Prints are released selectively and only once for an artwork. Once the limited edition prints are sold out they will never be back.

My Two Cents

Yes, there is an abundance of fantastic male athletes as well, but sports itself is not inherently male. Female athletes deserve to be recognised and celebrated for their skill, athleticism and accomplishments too, not only for their looks. 
I think that it's important to note that I'm not here to exclude male athletes (yes, I will make art about them too), I'm here to finally include the women.


If you are an athlete who wants to make a difference or an organisation with a cause get in touch! 

Together we can make great things happen.