Series of ink pen drawings made by Kadi Kullerkann, a professional athlete, to celebrate the strength of women in sports. 


All works are made using fade and water-proof pigment ink on acid-free archival quality paper.
Each original pen drawing is custom framed with reflection free art glass and and has an embossed kllerknn logo.

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pen and ink on paper, 35x50cm

pen and ink on paper, 50x35cm

pen and ink on paper, 50x35cm

pen and ink on paper, 31x31cm
850€ (SOLD)

pen and ink on paper, 31x31cm
850€ (SOLD)

pen and ink on paper, 31x31cm

pen and ink on paper, 100x70cm
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The Inspiration

Imagine signing a work contract that forbids you from gaining 5kg of body weight, getting pregnant to start a family or getting injured, all while the work description includes risking physical and mental trauma and dealing with high level of stress every single day. 

Imagine signing a contract that permits the employer to delay your payments for two months without any consequences, but is free to let you go for “unprofessional” behaviour at any moment. 

Imagine having maximum one full day to rest in a week (if you’re lucky) and being judged for how you use it.

Sounds dystopian, yet it's the reality many women face when they choose the life of a professional athlete. Glorious, isn't it?

The Process

For this project I chose the stippling technique as it signifies the time commitment as well as the amount of insanely repetitive and detailed work it takes to become an athlete. 

The process is straight forward, but it is also chaotic and ridiculously strenuous. Even with the amount of pain and struggle that goes into it, somehow, the final piece is beautiful, awe-inspiring and powerful. Just like all professional athletes – female, male, or other. 

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In order to purchase an original, contact me HERE.

Prices include shipping costs. Each original work comes with a medal of authenticity.

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