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Stippling, pen & ink on paper 

The Story

This is my first and largest original artwork from the She's Got Balls series.

I was inspired to create this piece of art when I was at my lowest - feeling used, empty and worthless. Essentially, this is a pen drawing that started my arts career and helped me move on from the pain I had held on to for years. 
It is fair to say that this piece of art is what saved me. 
"Deflated" was my therapist, my boxing bag, and my comforting pint of ice cream. 
I'm grateful that creating this artwork helped me dig deep and find what I needed to heal and move on. I'm also thankful that I was brave enough to listen and let it out for the whole world to see. 
So, it is not a sad piece at all. Instead, it is a piece celebrating our strengths and taking our circumstances in our own hands - it's about lifting ourselves up and moving on.


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Framed size (cm): 118x86x4.5
Framed size (in): 46.5x33.9x1.8
Weight: 7 kg / 

Product Details

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This original artwork is custom framed by professionals, using finest quality acid free materials and museum grade ArtGlass. 
The artwork is accompanied by a medal of authenticity that carries a unique and artwork specific serial number.


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