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Stippling, pen & ink on paper

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This artwork is named after Paola Egonu. Through the years 2017-2023 she won 16 different Championship and Cup titles playing for clubs in Italy and Turkey - widely considered the two strongest Championships in the world. With the national team she has collected the FIVB Nation's League title, European Championship title, and U18 World Championship title.
In 2021 she was selected as the Female Volleyball Player of the Year by the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV). 
In addition, she's won over twenty MVP and Top Scorer awards in Turkey and Italy as well as internationally. 
Through her stand-out career, she has been vocal about her mental struggles and the hate messages, criticism and racism she's had to deal with, causing her to step away from the world stage briefly. This hasn't stopped her, though, and she's playing as good as ever.

This original pen and ink artwork is from the She's Got Balls series and is entirely made with tiny dots.


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Framed size (cm): 47x64x3.5
 Framed size (in): 18.5x25.2x1.4

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This original artwork is custom framed by professionals, using finest quality acid free materials and museum grade ArtGlass. 
The artwork is accompanied by a medal of authenticity that carries a unique and artwork specific serial number.


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