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Stippling, pen & ink on paper

The Story

This original pen and ink artwork is from the She's Got Balls series. She got her name from the artist herself.

Kadi is the reason and the muse for this art series. On one hand, having gone through 5 knee surgeries on one leg, including two reconstructions, and having dealt with different types of mental struggles and abuse throughout her professional career, she has felt extremely deflated at times, just as the balls in this series. 
On the other hand, she is the champion who prevails. The struggles are what led her to this beautiful artistic endeavour and this serves as a reminder that most beautiful changes can happen in the darkest of times.

This original pen and ink artwork is from the She's Got Balls series.


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Framed size (cm): 42 x 42 x 3.5
Framed size (in): 16.5x16.5x1.4

Product Details

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This original artwork is custom framed by professionals, using finest quality acid free materials and museum grade ArtGlass. 

The artwork is accompanied by a medal of authenticity that carries a unique and artwork specific serial number.


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